Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Discoveries

Skye is so much fun these days! Everyday she discovers something new and each day her smiles get bigger and happens more often. She has now discovered the ceiling fans and she thinks they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. She laughs at them. My joys come from watching her discoveries. How is it that a fan can make someone so happy? Isn't it amazing what we take for granted? How often do we sit back and take in how wonderful life is or laugh at something that is funny to us. I am so thankful for Skye for so many reasons but she has truly brought NEW meaning to my life. She teaches me everyday to be thankful, to discover, and to laugh. Thank you Skye you are my precious baby girl!Is that not the best hair you have even seen in your life? Skye loves her Grandma... Grandma loves her to pieces too! Thanks mommy for loving our angel so much it is so wonderful having you live here to share in all the joy. Thanks for all you do for her and us you are so thoughtful.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Month Appointment

Tropical Storm didn't stop our one month doctor appointment. Skye had her appointment yesterday and she is 9 pounds 14 ounces and 23 inches long ALREADY! She is 90 percent for her height and 75 for her weight. Her little head is in the 30 percentile though:) She is doing wonderful! She smiles when you talk to her and she can track things with her eyes. She is starting to love toys now! Something new everyday it is truly amazing. She is just incredible. Her big blue eyes look up at me and her pudgy little fingers grasp mine and I think to myself this is what I have waited for my whole life. When she looks at me I feel like she is saying mommy love me, play with me, teach me, take care of me... And that is just what I do everyday! I love it! It is I have to say the hardest job I have and will ever have. Those people who make comments about stay home mothers let me get a hold of them.

I also learned that Skye is a sensory imput baby big surprise so is her mommy... so she likes to be on the go and busy when she is awake. When she is a wake I try to have her out and about or I am singing, dancing, telling stories , standing on my head... Anything I can do to entertain her and she loves it! And I am getting good exercise. If someone were taping me I could be on American Funniest Home Videos. WE DO WHAT WE HAVE TO... KEEPING THEM HAPPY KEEPS US HAPPY.... THE ESSENCE MOTHERHOOD!

Snug Bugs with Daddy... This melts my heart by the way!Do you just want to eat those cheeks or what?

This is how I am when I am bored... What did I do to my child? She might look like daddy but has my personality! All to blame. I didn't nap... didn't sit still when she was in the womb. Go Go Go and that is how she is now! So funny I do find it commical. Yesterday the doctor said it was genetic and Joe looked at me and said "Oh really Doc"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun Day

Today was a wonderful day we spent the day with our friends and talked about motherhood, played on the computer, and laughed. The important things! Motherhood is so undescribable and has many rewards as well as challenges. As I am figuring them out I can always turn to my friends. Thank you all for being wonderful friends I love you all and don't know what I would do without you. A true friend listens and never judges and that is just what I have "true friends." Having great friends is one of the most important keys for happiness. Skye had fun as she slept, was loved upon by my friends, and got many adorable pictures taken by Kelle. Thank you Kelle for loving Skye and taking pictures of our angel!Thank you for a wonderful day! I love you Skye you become more precious everyday and I love you more every day!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One Month Today

Skye Rose is one month day! I can't believe our little angel is one month already. There are an endless amount of reasons why she brings so much joy to our lives but here are a few.
Her sincere eyes
Her spiky hair

Her grunts Her prefect little features
The color of her skin
The smell of her skin

Her smiles (even if they are just
gas I live for those little smiles)
Her double chin

The dimple in her chin
Her wiggles and squirms

The way she sleeps
The way she cries (even though I hate t
o hear her cry)
The way she makes her daddy smile

The way she needs me

Skye mommy and daddy love everything about and thank God every night for you. We will always do our best at being parents even with the challenges we have faced and will continue to face. We love you sweetheart. Happy one month!

She is growing so big she is almost 23 inches now and was only 19 when she was born:) And her face is really filling out!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy Days

Skye is doing wonderful and getting bigger every day. Skye's Nanny and Poppy came to town from New Jersey to visit her and they fell in love. We were very busy shopping and going to delicious dinners. Skye is an active little girl she has been out and about and just one of the girls. We even took her to see her first movie Mamma Mia. She loved it and so did I. Our days are filled with fun events to keep both Skye and mommy busy. Right now she is wide eyed looking at me as I am typing. She is just a joy! Each morning she is awake for hours and so pleasant. We read books, sing songs, listen to music, and enjoy each other. She probably thinks I am crazy I am teaching her ABC and colors already. The teacher in me! We have started to experience fussy times in the evening and are still waking every 2 hours to eat at night. Both of these are challenging but Joe and I are doing great. It sure does take teamwork! Each day we learn more about her and her personality and each day we fall more in love with her.Skye loves her Nan and Pop
This is the beautiful diaper cake Aunt Rayna made for Skye! We love it thank you Rayna!