Sunday, October 25, 2009

Philly Girl

Go Phillies!

We are going to the World Series again. So she is our good luck charm...

Even though the EAGLES aren't doing as well she is still the cutest Donavan ever!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


goes by so fast. here she is just about 15 months old and I feel like it happend in a flash of an eye. i turned around today and found her sitting in her chair with her sippy cup reading a book, pointing to the words in all. and my eyes filled with tears. happy tears but tears i looked at her and saw a child not a baby a child. she is this little soul with this big personality. this incredible strong-willed peronality and i love it. i love every minute of it. and as funny as it sounds she is my best friend.

Here are her fall Kelle Hampton photos ~ I don't know if I have the cutest child in the world or the best photographer in the world so I will just say both!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to Reality...

Summer is over and work has begun. It feels as if someone has torn my heart out of my chest. I wish I was one of those wonderful mothers that could just turn it off when they go to work but I am just not and the more I try to be like that the harder it is. So my heart is broken and I miss Skye with every ounce of my being. And I know time will ease my pain it has too...On a happier note:

She is officially a walker now! She has been for three weeks now:) She is amazing... walking... talking...sleeping through the night (sigh), just plain fun....
And look at her in her in her sports gear! And football season is here! She has a closet full of EAGLES clothes calling her name!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Loving one...

a few more from her birthday party that was just divine.

And some one-year-old Kelle Hampton Photos

our summer has been wonderful and as it comes to an end my heart begins to ache with pain. and that feeling i once felt that I thought I would never feel again is coming back. but for now two weeks is what i have so I am going to is wonderful and we are having fun.

Friday, July 17, 2009

and she is one...

and she is beautiful inside and out. and she is a mama's girl and i love it. i am sure when she is two things will be so different so for now i am enjoying one and all that comes with it. the good and the bad. the tantrams the no's. the hugs kisses. the repeating words. the scrunch face look she gives. the determined look in her eyes as she trys so hard to walk. the love that she has for us. and the overwhemling love we have for her.

she had a wonderful celebration with all her friends. thank you all for celebrating and sharing in this special time for Skye and for Joe and me. we are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. this is what life is all

Thursday, July 9, 2009

11:34 am July 10 one year ago...

my life changed forever and God blessed me with a perfect baby girl...beautiful from head to toe I remember looking at her saying, "she is perfect more perfect then I ever imagined." I am flooded with emotions today as I think back at the moment she entered this world so prue and innocent. Joe telling me it is Skye...when all along I thought it was Dante. The way we held our baby girl as tears streamed down our faces. The instant, uncontional love that made our hearts ache. The feeling of loving something more then oursleves. The look in Joe's eyes as he held his daughter. The words I have a daughter. The way she looked at us like she knew we were her parents. The rare feeling of knowing this little girl needs us so much. The thought of wanting to give her everything and keep her happy always. And so the list could go on and consists of feelings I couldn't possible put into words...nor are there words that can describe our first year together....and so a year later...

I think this sums it up.... our little princess

We have an event filled weekend. Nanny and Poppy flew in from New Jersey. Uncle Brian and Aunt Lori came from Tampa. Sara, and Noah came from Tampa. And all mine and Joe's friends are here to celebrate Sky's first year. Friday we are having a party at home with some friends and family, and Sunday we are having a big pool party with everyone.... pictures to come..
Happy Birthday my sweet angel thank you for the best year of mommy and daddy's are oh so special and we love you more than the moon, stars and back again.

Friday, June 26, 2009

almost one...

and having fun....
Leah and Chase came over for a cookout...Leah and Skye had a blast taking a bath together while Chased watched

And our first Forth of July...

She stayed up for fireworks, she was a trooper...

Look at the two top teeth the finally came in! She looks so stinking cute with them even though I am a sucker for the "gummie" smile.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I have waited...

The park at Coconut Point the girls loved it!

Lily and Skye at Kindermusic

Adrey and Skye at Kindermusic

Story time at Barnes and Nobles

Yeah she was clapping at Kindermusic

Fast alseep at the water park

Leah and Skye at Kindermusic

for a little skye everyday. we are so busy everyday doing different things with all her friends. and all my friends. and we sure do have a lot of great friends. she loves the water. the pool. the beach. the waterpark. it doesn't matter she is a water baby. a florida baby for sure. we are figuring out a new schedule and that is a challenge as there are many challenges. but we are figuring it out together. we grow with them. we live and learn with them. i have learned more in 11 months then i have in a lifetime. skye is knowledge. happy 11 months sweet angel.

I did think along with summer would come more time...time to scrapbook, blog, paint my nails, but I was foolishly posts are still far and few in-between but in-between we are having trying to figure out a sleeping schedule.