Monday, October 27, 2008

This time last year...

Exactly one year ago today...I woke up... took a pregnancy and it was POSITIVE! I had to blink my eyes several times as I thought I was in a dream...I dreamed of having a baby my whole life and I couldn't believe I was staring at a positive pregnancy test... year later...
OUR beautiful, perfect, healthy, baby girl...Skye Rose
Life truly is a MIRACLE

There isn't a day that goes by that we are not thankful for you Skye. We love you so much.. you are Our blessing!

Great Day... so much to be thankful for

Yesterday was my birthday and it was perfect! I got to spend the day with my precious angel, breakfast with my mommy, and the evening with my hubby. A much needed night out with just Joe and I. We went to Third Avenue and had drinks and dinner. And as ususal he spoiled me with gifts. We talked and laughed and enjoy the beautiful evening alone. Thank you for a wonderful evening Joe... I love you to pieces.

About a year ago Joe said to me, "What do you want for your 30th birthday?" and I always responded, "A Baby." Thank you honey for giving me the greatest gift a girl can have... a priceless gift... our baby girl! She is amazing and all ours!

I would have to say my 30th and 31st birthdays were the best ever! My 30th...I was pregnant, My 31st... little miracle here "in person!"

Can't wait for my night out with the girls next weekend and then it will really be complete and perfect. As a night out with my girls is always fantastic and much needed as well! Especially when you have girlfriends as wonderful as mine!
Here is to a another wonderful year... of family... friends... love... laughter...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can't Get Enough

The humidity is dwindling away and the cooler weather is approaching. Today we went to Little Lily's christening and it was beautiful... our little loved Lily... miracle and perfect from head to toe. Skye was so good in church she just sat in her car seat and listened to the music, looked around and took a little snooze. She is getting baptist on December 21st with her cousin Troy in New Jersey. They are going to be too cute for words.

Skye and I came home and laid on a blanket outside and enjoyed the weather we read books, filed our nails, and took pictures.

Skye is such a good girl.. smart... wonderful.. perfect. She does fantastic going to bed now... we lay her down wide awake... she looks up at us and smiles so big... we walk out and she doesn't make a to never never land she goes. She goes to bed beteeen 7-7:30 and as much as having some time to myslef is nice after about one hour...I want to run in her room pick her up, kiss her, play with her. Joe and I go into her room and just stare at her at least four times before we head to bed. We just love her so much!!! We can't get enough of our precious girl.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cutest Pumpkin in the Pumpkin Patch

We took a our first trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday. Skye picked out her first pumpkin. She can't wait to carve it and taste the pumpkin seeds. It was so fun I dressed her in her little 1st Halloween outfit.. here are some adorable pictures of her and her friends. She has so many wonderful friends already! She has play dates all the time... Everything is just a little more fun now that she is in our lives. Love you sweetheart!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Could there be a World Series for the Phillies?

Four Games... Three Wins! Go Phillies! It is not over yet... I know but I am feeling very confident! Skye wore her Phillies clothes and cheered them to another victory. Last nights game was unreal! Daddy sure does have has addicted.

There is something about little girls in sports clothes! Just adorable..

We definitely are a sports family...
Cute picture of us as a family at AJ's birthday party! Happy Brithday AJ we love you! We had so much at your party! You are such a big boy now!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Three Months Old

I can't believe three months have gone by already. Everyone said that time goes by even faster when you have a child. And they weren't kidding. They said cherish each moment... and that I am. Several times a day I stop, look at her, take a deep breathe, and just cherish that moment. It doesn't matter what she is doing... smiling, crying, playing, sleeping, I thank God for her and tell myself this moment I will never get back. I tell her I love her at least 100 times a day and kiss her 1,000 times a day. She gets so annoyed with me but I do it anyway! I have never had a love like this before... and the last three months have been filled with emotions and love that is indescribable. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be a mother but not only a mother...a mother to her.. perfect, sweet, beautiful Skye Rose. She is so special and she is MINE all MINE! I dreamed of having a child since I was 5 years old (I am not kidding I treated my baby dolls like real babies) and now I have SKYE. She is my dream come true. As silly as it sounds she is my best friend, we spend all day everyday together reading, singing, playing, listening to music, talking baby talk... My days are fulfilled with happiness because of her.
What did I do before I had this angel in my life?

Happy three months Sweetheart mommy and daddy love you and we are so proud of all you have accomplish in three short months. xoxoxo

Look how cute she looks in hats:) Too bad she hates them on her head!
Look how long she is...She is getting to be such a big girl.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


"Crying it out" is working! (I think) She cried 45 minutes for two nights, 25 for one, and none the next night. They saw they learn a routine in 48 hours. Babies are truly amazing! It was so nice not hearing a cry last night. She breaks my heart when she cries:) I am not holding my breathe because that might not always be the situation. But... she is getting better I just know it. She has figured out that we will not come and get her out if she cries so she figures "what's the point of crying." She is wise beyond her three months of life!
Unless Kelle is sneaking into her room and taking her out:)

We had a lot of fun with Grandma this weekend... she spoils her so much. Grandma bought her some adorable Christmas clothes. I love getting new clothes for her. I just want to buy her everything cute. I would rather buy something for her than for myself. Girls clothes are SO cute, Grandma and I just can't stop buying for her.

She gets a little sweeter each day! And her cheeks get a little bigger too! Oh, how I love her!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Love Bug

I wake up every morning anticipating what today will bring. Every day she does something new... a different coo, a giggle, a further reach for a toy, a different little look in her eye, a new expression on her face, interest in a toy she didn't like yesterday. And each day is more fun then the next, as I watch her discover the world. I have experienced more happiness and love in twelve weeks then I thought could be possible. She is my love bug.

Our biggest challenge right now is getting her to sleep at night. Once we get her down she is wonderful she sleeps until 6 am eats and goes back to sleep until 8 or 9. But getting her to sleep in the evening for the night is very difficult. I try not to read or research as every baby is different and I don't want to drive myself crazy. They all say let them cry it out! EASY for them to say.. listening to her cry is so hard I feel like someone is tearing my heart out of my chest when I hear her cry. The biggest challenge of being a new mother is you NEVER want to hear your baby cry... but babies cry. Easy to say when it isn't YOUR baby crying.

Grandma came to babysat last night so Joe and I could have a date night and she started the "cry it out." It killed grandma but she did it! She cried for 45 minutes before she finally feel asleep. My mom went in her room every 15 minutes leaned down in the crib calmed her down and left again. She did this until she finally feel asleep. 45 MINUTES! It would have killed me to do that. I am going to have daddy try it tonight and I am going to leave.. hopefully Friday night it will be less and I will be ready to try it. I am praying it will be less each night and finally she will understand that it is bedtime. That is what the books say so we will see if they are right. Say prayers it works it has been taking us 3 hours to get to to sleep but we have been spoiling her. Joe says he can handle hearing her cry but he is usually in there to rescue her faster than I am...
Cuter than ever...

And that little face she is just a love bug! How can I let her "cry it out":(