Friday, June 26, 2009

almost one...

and having fun....
Leah and Chase came over for a cookout...Leah and Skye had a blast taking a bath together while Chased watched

And our first Forth of July...

She stayed up for fireworks, she was a trooper...

Look at the two top teeth the finally came in! She looks so stinking cute with them even though I am a sucker for the "gummie" smile.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I have waited...

The park at Coconut Point the girls loved it!

Lily and Skye at Kindermusic

Adrey and Skye at Kindermusic

Story time at Barnes and Nobles

Yeah she was clapping at Kindermusic

Fast alseep at the water park

Leah and Skye at Kindermusic

for a little skye everyday. we are so busy everyday doing different things with all her friends. and all my friends. and we sure do have a lot of great friends. she loves the water. the pool. the beach. the waterpark. it doesn't matter she is a water baby. a florida baby for sure. we are figuring out a new schedule and that is a challenge as there are many challenges. but we are figuring it out together. we grow with them. we live and learn with them. i have learned more in 11 months then i have in a lifetime. skye is knowledge. happy 11 months sweet angel.

I did think along with summer would come more time...time to scrapbook, blog, paint my nails, but I was foolishly posts are still far and few in-between but in-between we are having trying to figure out a sleeping schedule.