Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Month Appointment

Tropical Storm didn't stop our one month doctor appointment. Skye had her appointment yesterday and she is 9 pounds 14 ounces and 23 inches long ALREADY! She is 90 percent for her height and 75 for her weight. Her little head is in the 30 percentile though:) She is doing wonderful! She smiles when you talk to her and she can track things with her eyes. She is starting to love toys now! Something new everyday it is truly amazing. She is just incredible. Her big blue eyes look up at me and her pudgy little fingers grasp mine and I think to myself this is what I have waited for my whole life. When she looks at me I feel like she is saying mommy love me, play with me, teach me, take care of me... And that is just what I do everyday! I love it! It is I have to say the hardest job I have and will ever have. Those people who make comments about stay home mothers let me get a hold of them.

I also learned that Skye is a sensory imput baby big surprise so is her mommy... so she likes to be on the go and busy when she is awake. When she is a wake I try to have her out and about or I am singing, dancing, telling stories , standing on my head... Anything I can do to entertain her and she loves it! And I am getting good exercise. If someone were taping me I could be on American Funniest Home Videos. WE DO WHAT WE HAVE TO... KEEPING THEM HAPPY KEEPS US HAPPY.... THE ESSENCE MOTHERHOOD!

Snug Bugs with Daddy... This melts my heart by the way!Do you just want to eat those cheeks or what?

This is how I am when I am bored... What did I do to my child? She might look like daddy but has my personality! All to blame. I didn't nap... didn't sit still when she was in the womb. Go Go Go and that is how she is now! So funny I do find it commical. Yesterday the doctor said it was genetic and Joe looked at me and said "Oh really Doc"


Kelly said...

OMG! These are incredible! She is such a doll! Is she edible? She fills my heart! xoxo

donna said...

iohh Steph! I love watching you be a mommy! little tears in my eyes! You are so awsome and she is so CUTE!!!

Kelle said...

I love the one with her and Daddy! I'm so glad I got to have her today! She is nothing but love!!!

Kelly said...

Also, I so know what you mean when you wrote about the way she looks at you! They are so impressionable, helpless and just oozing with love! They can talk with their eyes!!

Heidi said...

gosh-she is stunning. your baby girl is STUNNING!!! she is such a little love. i am so happy i got to see her today. I still need to hold her tho.

babies are such a little miracle...big miracles. i loved seeing you with her today. you look so content. love that.
love you and skye

Samantha said...

She is pure heaven! Those pictures are amazing. I just want to eat her up. I love the picture of her and Joe. So sweet! I am so happy she is healthy and perfect.