Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sweet Little Boy

It is amazing how you can feel so much love for a child that isn't even your best freind of 18 years, Samantha, welcomed her son Chase Robert Senkarik into this world on Thursday, April 30. He was 7 pounds 12 ounces...19 inches...and he is just perfect from head to toe.

Samanths is the sister I have never so I feel like Chase is the son I do not have:).

I will be the best Anut Stephy ever. Congratulations I love you all!

Sam you are so beautiful in love and I am so excited to expereince parenthood with you. I love you and your beautiful miracle more than words can say!


Rayna said...

Speechless! To have a friend that feels like family and be entering this stage of motherhood together is what many girls wish they had. Your friendship is more than words can explain.

My favorite picture is of Ryan and Sam looking at their piece of heaven...Chase!

sabrina said...

OMG Chase is so perfect! Please tell Samantha we are very happy for her, she looks beautiful even after just having a baby!
We miss pictures of you and Skye too :)

Samantha said...

You made me cry (I am a little weepy right now)!! I feel the same way when I look at baby Skye. Now I have my girl and my little boy! I could go to Skye's dance recitals and you can come to Chase's baseball games. What could be better. I love you!!