Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beautiful Girl

Motherhood is the best thing I have experienced in my life. I am awakened to my Sweet Skye grunts. I never loved the sound of someone grunting so much in my life. Know matter how tired I am I some how get a surge of adrenaline each morning knowing that we get to spent the day together and new things await! Joe and I are so in love with Sky it hurts! A good hurt!

Here are a few of photos my ever-so-talented friend and photographer Kelle Hampton took of our beautiful daughter.

I know I am bias, but come on she is the cutest!

Daddy's little EAGLE Fan!


Meagan N. Harris said...

Oh Steph... she is so adorable! I can't believe it's already Friday tomorrow. Where did the week go? Ok - so maybe we can all get together next week?!?!?

Rayna said...

Come on, are you serious at how adorable Skye is. I still wonder how we get through the days on no sleep, but the amount of love that you have for your child overpowers any other feelings. You're an unbelievable mommy!

Laura said...

She is truly THE MOST BEAUTIFUL newborn I have EVER seen!!! Her beauty leaves me breathless!!!