Thursday, July 17, 2008


Skye Rose Conforti is more precious and perfect than we could have ever imagined. There truly are not words that can describe how Joe and I feel about are angel! She is a miracle and we are so thankful for her and every little part of her tiny little body.


Rayna said...

Skye is the cutest piece of heaven. God truly gave you a blessing and welcomed you into motherhood with open arms. I am so happy for you and Joe. My favorite picture is of her little scrunched up face like she is saying, "Oh Mommy!"

Kelly said...

OMG! These pictures are UNREAL! I love the one with a single bow in her hair! That made me GOL (gasp out loud)!! She is such a miracle and I love seeing you as a mom! Congrats on your first official post as a mommy!! Keep em' coming!! i love all the stories and pictures!

lynne said...

You were meant to be a mommy! What a little sweet pea she is. Skye is lucky to have you and Joe as her parents. Isn't God smart???

Heidi said...

OMGoodness...she is sooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the hair and the little pink bow in her hair. Smile good to be true.

I know how happy you are... so happy for you. Nothing like a new baby to bring raw happiness out. Life can be so is now!
love you:)

Samantha said...

Yeah, I finally have a little bit of internet access. I went right to your blog to see if any new pictures were up and thank goodness, they are!!!! She is so precious and I miss her and you so much. I can't wait to eat her all up when I get home.She is so adorable Give her big kissies from her Auntie Sam and keep the pics coming! Love her!