Sunday, October 5, 2008


"Crying it out" is working! (I think) She cried 45 minutes for two nights, 25 for one, and none the next night. They saw they learn a routine in 48 hours. Babies are truly amazing! It was so nice not hearing a cry last night. She breaks my heart when she cries:) I am not holding my breathe because that might not always be the situation. But... she is getting better I just know it. She has figured out that we will not come and get her out if she cries so she figures "what's the point of crying." She is wise beyond her three months of life!
Unless Kelle is sneaking into her room and taking her out:)

We had a lot of fun with Grandma this weekend... she spoils her so much. Grandma bought her some adorable Christmas clothes. I love getting new clothes for her. I just want to buy her everything cute. I would rather buy something for her than for myself. Girls clothes are SO cute, Grandma and I just can't stop buying for her.

She gets a little sweeter each day! And her cheeks get a little bigger too! Oh, how I love her!


Kelly said...

How can she get prettier? WOW! So glad she's falling asleep so well! YAAAA!! What a good wittle girl!! xoxo

jennygirl said...

WOW...she is GORGEOUS, Stephanie!!!

You must be looooving this time with her...cherish every second, I know you already are!!


Heidi said...

it'll get easier:) wait until the second baby...seems to be easier to let them cry. SOOO heartbreaking at first though.

she is precious. love her.

Steph said...

I am glad Skye seems to be falling asleep w/o having too much trouble!
I ditto Jen's comments....GOREGOUS is right! It was good seeing your cute family the other night!
P.S. - thanks for your comments! We are excited to begin our lives together!:o)

Kelle said...

Ha ha! I sneak in every night. she really is so pretty and it just keeps gettin' better and better. Wait till 16 months. You're gunna die.

sabrina said...

she couldnt be more perfect :)