Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can't Get Enough

The humidity is dwindling away and the cooler weather is approaching. Today we went to Little Lily's christening and it was beautiful... our little loved Lily... miracle and perfect from head to toe. Skye was so good in church she just sat in her car seat and listened to the music, looked around and took a little snooze. She is getting baptist on December 21st with her cousin Troy in New Jersey. They are going to be too cute for words.

Skye and I came home and laid on a blanket outside and enjoyed the weather we read books, filed our nails, and took pictures.

Skye is such a good girl.. smart... wonderful.. perfect. She does fantastic going to bed now... we lay her down wide awake... she looks up at us and smiles so big... we walk out and she doesn't make a to never never land she goes. She goes to bed beteeen 7-7:30 and as much as having some time to myslef is nice after about one hour...I want to run in her room pick her up, kiss her, play with her. Joe and I go into her room and just stare at her at least four times before we head to bed. We just love her so much!!! We can't get enough of our precious girl.

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Heidi said...

she is soooo beautiful steph. what a sweet girl and a sweet mommy.
i loved loving on her today...even if i did wake her up...hehe