Thursday, March 5, 2009

And so we dance

and sing, and play, and laugh, and kiss, and hug and I just love this little sole more than life itself. This is truly the most amazing experince in the world. And although children are not for all...she my little Skye Rose 16.5 pounds of chubby little legs and fingers and toes...completes my life and gives meaning to the my world...she is HEAVEN... and so we dance, and sing, and play and just love and love and love...

Here is to eight months... yes she is eight months...eight months of happiness that can't be put into words. We love you sweetheart.


jennygirl said...

So neat to see you experience the ultimate joys of motherhood.

Believe it or not, it only gets better. It's SO true.

It's the most magical ride of your life!!

Skye is gorgeous!!!!


Heidi said...

in the second picture down...she looks EXACTLY like you but with dark hair.

i did a double take when i saw it. you make that exact facial expression. she is GEORGEOUS!!!!! i love this post and the music to go with it!

i love that you just love, kiss, and playyour little pc of heaven here on earth!!!