Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feburary 19th

40 years ago the world became a better place becuase my husband was born. He is an amazing person and I feel like the luckiest women to be married to him. And even luckier to have had a child with him...a perfect Skye Rose to top.

Joe is charasmatic, kind, funny, handsome and anyone who meets him just can't get enough of him especially me.
I have to say I planned quite the 40 year celebration for him too!

Thusday his family (mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, neice, and nephew) flew in and suprised him at dinner at Campiello. We had a wonderful dinner on 3rd and enjoyed the evening. On Friday his best friend Brian and his wife (Lori) come to town and surprised him. Once they got here I gave him his presents and one of his presents was the weekend at the Ritz so we packed up and headed to the Ritz for the weekend with his Brian and Lori. Saturday I got him off work and set up golf with firends and family! And to top it off Saturday night I had a surprise celebration for him at Tommy's! We drank, ate, laughed, and laughed some more and enjoyed everyone's company it was a fabulous night! Thanks for everyone who came on Saturday to help share in the celebration! It was PERFECT! Thank you so much for all coming from New Jersey! It was so special! There is nothing better then family and firends! And not just any friends but friends who are so wonderful they are like family. To the best firends a couple could have you guys rock!

You know you had a good birthday when you are a golf pro and you get to party with Ben Crenshaw!

Nothing like dancing with your father-in-law

You know you are having fun when your boss has a smile this big on his face!

What is this?

The week was followed by nights at dinner, beautiful sunsets, family and love.

Happy Birthday Joe! Skye and I love you to the moon... and stars... and back! xoxoxo


Samantha said...

I had so much fun at Joe's b-day even without a sip of alcohol!!! I love the pic of Joe and Skye, that is frame worthy. Happy birthday Joe! We can't wait to celebrate many more b-days together!!

Rayna said...

I was so happy that we were a part of such a big milestone. It was a blast celebrating with such close friends! We couldn't ask for anything more! Love you all! Happy Birthday Joe!

Heidi said...

happy birthday joe!!!
it looked like so much fun! i love all these pictures!!!

skye is such a little beauty...those eyes are captivating!!