Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Big Surprise and Baby Skye's Baptism

We had an early fight to New Jersey on the 20th. We got there and Skye was all out of sorts. She had a rough 24 hours once we got to New Jersey. When we got there Joe had to go run a few errands... that lasted five hours and I was a bit annoyed because Skye was so out of sorts and wouldn't go to anyone. When he finally returned I was tired and emotional and had just gotten her to sleep. He told me had a surpise that would cheer me up. When I walked downstairs my daddy and Chrissy were standing in Joe's foyer in New Jersey I couldn't believe my eyes.. then a couple minutes later Sean and Sabrina walked in. I really got emotional once I saw all of them. It was so fun and the best surpise I ever had. They drove from Pittsburgh to come to Skye's baptism. Although, it was a short visit, it was a special and one I will hold dear to my heart forever. I Love you guys thank you so much words can't express my happiness for having you there!

Skye was still out of sorts for her baptism she cried as soon as the minister held her but she sure did look cute. It was so nice we had a lunch-in afterwards at an Italian resturant...where we ate delicious food, drank wine, talked, laughter, spend time with family and friends, and celebrated.

She got settled and became her happy little self by Monday. I have also come to realize that she is a bit spoiled! She is so used to me constantly entertaining her and loving on her that she needs that 100 percent atteniton. Oh well they are only babies once.


Kelly said...

ADORABLE with a capital A!! I can't believe they surprised you like that! Sounds like perfect timing too! She is getting so big!! She is just too cute!! YUMMY!!

Rayna said...

They are only little once, and who cares if she is spoiled. I am tired of hearing people tell us our kids are spoiled. We raise them how we want! You are a great mommy and want what's the best for your little girl. So what if she cried at her baptism, it makes it that much more memorable. How nice it was that your dad and brother came for a surprise. It sounds and looks like you had a great, well-needed vacation. Love you and Skye Bear. Her baptism outfit is precious!

Leah said...

Such an awesome surprise Steph!! I love the pics with her in her HAT!! I'm so glad you had such a great time with your family. What a special time.

sabrina said...

we had a great time, steph! skye is gorgeous and we miss her already. im so glad we had this opportunity to see you guys :)
love you!