Monday, December 15, 2008

This time of the year...

is amazing. The holidays are wonderful and something about them just makes me happy. But when you add a Skye Bear to the mix it even makes me more happy. So I couldn't be any happier right now! I have been looking forward to the holidays even more than ever this year because of our angel..who has completed our family!

We are so excited we are heading to New Jersey tomorow morning for 10 days. 10 days with Nanny and Poppy! And 10 days with Aunt Sue, Uncle Troy, Cousins Ella and Tory! Skye has never met Sue, Troy, Ella and little Tory and she has not seen Nan and Pop since she was two weeks old. We are really going to have a great time. Joe and I have not met Little Troy either and we can not wait to get our hands on our little nephew. We are looking forward to being with our family in the cold Jersey weather. It is going to be really special holiday. And to top the trip off Skye and Troy are getting baptized together on Sunday, December 21st. How special for them and for all of us. We can't wait!

I bought this outfit last year at this time and I said Skye can wear this next Christmas....

I can not believe she is here perfect as ever... wearing this outfit I thought she would never fit into. What a wonderful year it has been. This little miracle has added so much to our home.

Unfortunately, Grandmama can not come with us to Jersey because she can't take off work. We sure are going to miss her!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy the holidays love...laugh...spend time with friends and family...appreciate...and love some more.


sabrina said...

Hope you guys enjoy your time in New Jersey! Hope the weather helps a little bit too :)
I bet Skye is excited to meet her cousin, cant wait to see the pictures.
And cant wait to be my turn to meet her hehe

Kelly said...

That's so funny because we have the same saying, but on a bib. Just the other day, we crossed out Santa and put "Dr. Maxson" in its place! ha ha

Have so much fun in New Jersey! Bet you can't believe all there is to pack huh? Unreal!!

wylie said...

I hope you have so much fun! I love her shirt, very creative!

Heidi said...

so glad you are going to see all that family...having fun!!!!