Sunday, December 7, 2008

Time for

REAL FOOD! We started cereal two weeks ago and she likes it especially if she is really hungry but today we started real food. She had sweet potatoes and she liked them. She made funny faces as if they were sour. And we all know they are sweet not sour so it was funny! We are going to try sweet potatoes, avocados and bananas this month. I have to do the four-day wait rule so I will be starting avocados in a few days, then bananas last.
It is so fun to feed her food and let her taste new things besides breast milk. Although, she sure does like breast milk.
I decided happily to take on yet another big commitment...I am making all her baby food. I got a WONDERFUL book called Super Baby Food but Ruth Yaron. It is fantastic I have been reading it all weekend and have learned more about food in two days then I have in my lifetime. So Sundays are my baby-food-making-day! I am going to make enough on Sundays to last for the week. I steam, puree, pour into ice cube trays and freeze. It is actually fast, fun, and easy... And the best part is that is so much cheaper. So we will see how it all goes. I am sure I will buy some jars for back up, convenience, or for her to try something new at times but I am going to make the majority of her food! Anything for my angel! She is my love!
Each cube is 2 tablespoons and that is her serving size right now. So this is 32 days worth of food!


Steph said...

Awww....cute pics! Baby food...oh my word! Where does the time go? LOVE the fact that you're making all her food! That sounds like a neat book....good idea! I know I am a long ways off from making our lil guy his own food, but it something to keep in mind! :o)

Leah said...

Way to go Mama!! I too am going to try to tackle pureeing (oh my... I have no idea how to spell that) food for Adrey!! We're not QUITE there yet though!! Adrey is sticking his nose up to the whole "food" thing but I'm not giving up!! 4 more days on rice cereal and then we're on to oatmeal!!!

Heidi said...

holy beautiful header!!!!!!!
what a beautiful little skye eating big girl food now!!!!