Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Typical Day

with Skye is never short of love and laughter. We wake up, nurse, play with our toys, eat breakfast, take a walk, nurse, take a nap, nurse, run some earrands, nap, nurse, eat dinner, play some more, and then go to bed. I believe the routine and consistency help children thrive. So even though we do the same thing day in and day out it nevers gets boring or seems like we are doing the same thing because she is so fun. And everyday is so new to her so it feels new to me. I love you Skye and love that I spend everyday with you doing the samething! A typical day is not typical at is new and different.

We went to Cambier park today with Kelle, Carin and all the girls! It was so fun! She loved all the girls and she loved the swing!

I weight 16 pounds now! Daddy and mommy made a bet and Daddy was right... of course he was!


Kelle said...

Today was so much fun! That last picture of her made me smile! She looks so long in that picture! OH, she is beautiful!

Leah said...

OH my gosh the picture of her on the scale is adorable! She's such a good "sitter"! I know what you mean about routine. Same goes for us. I love it though. It's the new "normal" and it's wonderful.