Monday, February 16, 2009

Long Weekend

We had a wonderful long weekend...and when Monday came so did the tears. I tried so hard to fight them but the second I laid her down for bed they began. It isn't getting easier for me but she is fine...she is happy...and she is loved. I tell myself that a hundred times a day to help me feel better.

She cut another tooth...but is pleasant as ever. She is just so fun to be with...she is always happy, loves to play and I look forward to every moment I have with her. Her daddy does too he loves staying home with her...and I must say he is wonderful at it. They have this incredible bond she loves him so much and just melts in his arms.

I weaned her from nursing last week so she is offically done. Seven and a half months is a long time and I am proud of myself... However I would have loved to have done it for a year. I loved every moment of it. I had no choice returning to work left me without an option. She is fine with it as she is fine with everything she adapts to anything besides sleeping through the night:) She will get it one day I hope!

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Kelly said...

There is nothing easy about this! That Skye is so beautiful inside and out! YUMMY!