Saturday, February 7, 2009


she cut her first tooth...the cutest little tooth I have ever little one is getting so big...she has more of a personality every day and it is a beautiful personalitly inside and out.

Two positives since I returned to work 1. She gets to spend two day a week with DADDY. How amazing for their relationship...I feel fortunate for that 2. she LOVES Dawn (her nanny) she loves her so much you would have thought Dawn was part of her life since birth and she LOVES the other kids that Dawn watches. She has three different little boys all much older then Skye and they just love Skye and she loves them. They entertain her, play with her, and watch out for her.. too cute. I think that was three positives.
How couldn't Dawn love this face....

As for me I feel no better...I have cried more during this transition then I have ever in my life. It is the HARDEST thing I have ever done. And I ache, I hurt, I think of her all day, and I am sad.

We enjoyed our weekend, I held her, kissed her, and embraced her all weekend...dreading the Sunday feeling of doing it all again.

We had a surprize ribbon cutting for Uncle Ryan's first clinic and as we waited for Ryan and Mike Skye played with the other children.

I did something fun...something I have always wanted to do...I darkened my hair A LOT to my normal color and then put RED lots of Red Dark red highlights in it! It is more roots I loved being blonde and I can't say I will not be blonde again...but I am so excited to not see dark roots on my head...and it pictures. I finally did it now because I can't possible be any more upset then I am now so I figured what the heck...


Kelly said...

What a gorgeous little girl! I'm so sorry you're hurting! I'm glad you're focusing on the positives because there are a lot, but I know it still makes your heart ache like no other feeling!! Hugs!

wylie said...

Skye looks so cute in that blue outfit, totally brings out her eyes! Wow on the tooth! Where is it (top, bottom, back...) details! Can't wait to see pictures of your hair, I bet you look gorgeous!

sabrina said...


Heidi said...

love how you talked about all the positives in this post! i am so happy she is liking her new friends so much...i know that makes you feel better:)

sad and sorry you are in pain...hate that so much. your a great mommy. skye is lucky to have you.

heard your hair looked beautiful! your hair is would look stunning in hot pink-LOL