Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Girl

Our little Skye Bear is getting so big. She just grows bigger everyday and does something new each day. God has blessed us so much. She just looks at us with those beautiful blue eyes and we think to ourselves how did we get so lucky. There really isn't words to describe the day to day joy we get to experience with her. Don't get me wrong there are some trying times too but the joy out weighs all! She is perfect in every way. Thank you all for the vists, beautiful gifts and most of all for loving our precious daughter.


Kelly said...

OMG!! She looks different from Sunday!!! OMG! She is GORGEOUS!! Love that hair and those eyes! STUNNING!!

And I looooove that outfit from O.U.A.C!!! My fav!!

Kelle said...

Steph! Her eyes are getting so blue!!! She looks so much older...oh, I miss her!