Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Vacation

Skye went on her first vacation. We spend the weekend in Marco Island and stayed at the Marco Marriott. It was absoluetly beautiful and just a perfect little family vacation. We went for two nights and it was close to home! We relaxed (well as much as you can with a newborn) and just had a great time with our princess. She went swimming for the first time and LOVED it! She fell asleep in the pool. We enjoyed the beautiful hotel amenities.. steel drums played, large pool waterfalls, breathtaking long-white-sand-beaches, water glistening, and Skye Bear smiling . It was a perfect!

It is crazy all the stuff you need to pack when you have a little one. You would of thought we went away for a month. Pack N Plays, strollers, bouncy seats, baby towels, baby washclothes, blankets, sheets for the Pack N Play, diapers, wipes, etc... and that wasn't even any of our stuff. I was so focued on packing for her I forgot half of the stuff I needed for myself. The world revolves are Skey Rose now!

This was the view from our room!

Mommy's Girl


Kelle said...

Oh, love the song! And she looks so cute in her swimsuit! So glad you guys had fun! you deserved it!

Kelly said...

What a special memory for your family!! It's unreal how much you have to pack for one little person!! She is GORGEOUS!!

Heidi said... time, especially vacationing family time. the best!